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Take your Prairie Dunes experience one step further and stay the night on property at one of our four lodges. The lodges are conveniently located just off the 9th fairway and adjacent to our short game practice area, a quick walk to both the clubhouse and fitness facility. Each lodge has a large outdoor patio with a community firepit centered between the 4 lodges where you can unwind, enjoying the cozy outdoor atmosphere and remarkable views. 


Reservation Policy

Lodges must be booked as a unit prior to 30 days at full lodge rate or if less than 30 days can be booked at individual room rate. Maximum lodge occupancy is 8 people per lodge. Call Anna at 620.664.9556 for email at to book  your room. Member name and number is required for booking. 

Cancellation policy: Cancellations will be accepted prior to 30 days of the reservation date without charge. Cancellations made 30 days or less of the reservation date will be charged full lodge rate unless the lodge can be re-booked.

The Carey and Maxwell Lodges

The Carey and Maxwell Lodges are identical and feature four bedrooms each. The Carey Lodge features four, king-size beds, while the Maxwell Lodge consists of eight, queen-size beds, two per room. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and shower, high definition TV, and is individually keyed for privacy. The commons area in both lodges feature a spacious seating area including couch and living rooms chairs, game/dining table and chairs, high-definition TV, mini-fridge, microwave, ice machine, Keurig coffee maker, and bar sink. Each lodge is also equipped with a safe room for storm protection.  

The Craig and Wilson Lodges

The Craig and Wilson lodge is an eight bedroom duplex with four bedrooms and commons area on either side of a common wall. Each side features four rooms, each with two queen-sized beds, a private bath and shower, HDTV and internet access, large commons area with ample seating, kitchenette with full-size refrigerator, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, game/dining table and chairs, and bar.  

Lodge Pricing

Peak season (April 1 – November 23)

per night

per night
Carey $840 $210
Maxwell $840 $210
Wilson $840 $210
Craig $840 $210
Off season (November 24 – March 31)
Carey $600 $150
Maxwell $600 $150
Wilson $600 $150
Craig $600 $150

Tournament Lottery

There are two club tournament blackout dates in which we will hold a lottery to determine lodge occupancy. The dates are as follows: 
Member Guest Invitational: June 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th .
Charles Craig Classic: September 25th & 26th.

We will draw the lottery winners 60 days prior to the event date so those not chosen will have time to find other accommodations. 

Please contact Anna at (620) 664-9556 or email at least 61 days prior to the event date to enter. Please designate if you would like to have a king or queen room. Keep in mind that if you are chosen in the lottery you will have your own bedroom but will be sharing the lodge common areas with other tournament participants. 
Dear Members,

I have been working with John Lanham to finalize the details about our 2020 season as it relates to the Lodges, and we are excited to announce the date for the 2020 Prairie Dunes Lodge Lottery will be on Monday, January 13th, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. CST. For those of you who are not familiar to this system, we will begin taking lodge reservation requests for the entire 2020 season on this day and we will honor them in the order in which they are received. As with prior years, we will require those wanting to reserve lodging to apply by E-MAIL ONLY to Anna Pool at (phone, text, in person, and web site requests will not be accepted on that day). To ensure compliance, any email arriving before 8:00 a.m. CST will be moved to the end of the request list. Keep in mind that Thursday through Saturday stays are in the most demand, Monday through Wednesday nights are generally in less demand. Due to the high volume of requests on January 13th, it may take a few days to confirm/deny your requests. Your patience is appreciated. 

Continue Traditions
We look forward to honoring the same booking parameters as we have in the past, please note the following:
  • In a continuing effort to accommodate as many different members as possible, we ask that you prioritize your requested dates by marking the 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc., so that you might receive your most desired option. 
  • We will attempt to fill as many requests as possible giving priority to full-lodge, multiple-night stays.
  • When one of your options has been filled your remaining requests will be placed in the queue for later consideration. 
  • We will maintain a waiting list made up of unfulfilled requests to reference in the event of cancellations. 
  • Less than full lodge requests (1-3 rooms) will be taken inside of 30 days of your planned visit based on availability. 
  • Cancellation Policy (per the By-Laws of the Club):
    • At the time of booking your lodge stay, please know this is a placeholder and you may cancel anytime up to 30 days prior to your reservation with no penalty. However, within 30 days of your stay you are responsible for 100% of the cost of your lodge reservation (not including food and beverage requests). This charge will be billed to your account at the time of the reservation, but any unapproved cancelations within this time frame will result in a charge of the full amount of your booking unless the following exceptions apply:
      • If the Club is able to rebook your rooms, then you will be credited for this charge.  
      • If the club is only able to book a portion of your rooms, then you will only be charged for the rooms that are unaccounted for.
      • A family emergency, unforeseen circumstance, or inclement weather prevents you from completing your tip. These include excessive rain, snow and ice, or other dramatic occurrences that are reviewable for consideration.
      • These exceptions will be ruled on a case-by-case basis by the Club’s management team.
  • 2020 Rates:
    • Out-of-Season Rates
      • The rates for January 1 – March 31 ~and~ December 1 – December 31 are as follows:
        • $600 per night/lodge, $150 per night/individual room. 
    • In-Season Rates:
      • The rates for April 1 through November 30, 2020 are as follows:
        • $840 per night/lodge, $210 per night/individual room. 
  • 2020 Golf Tournament Dates:
    • Please see the list of tournament dates on the golf section as it relates to the Lodges so you can plan accordingly. 
We have a few other updates that we are working to finalize for the 2020 season that will be designed to ensure a seamless and organized visit for you and your guests. As soon as we work through these details, we will inform you prior to the Lottery date.
Please understand there has been considerable thought that has gone into the lodge reservation process and how to best serve the majority of the membership. We feel we have established the most equitable process that will ensure an equal opportunity for all to Experience the Lodges at Prairie Dunes. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me or Anna Pool at
or (620) 664-9556.

Thank You and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!
Jay Johnson, CCM, CS
General Manager/ COO
Prairie Dunes Country Club
620-662-0581; 223